About me

What I do and why I do it…

my name is Gaby Vorderbrück Tavares

…I arrange workshops and private lessons with Argentinean artists. You don’t have to travel to Buenos Aires, but you can take lessons here in Germany with the most experienced tango teachers who are currently on their tour through Europe.
Benefit from the instructions of active Argentinean professionals to dance effortlessly at milongas! Learn from them how to make your dancing style more attractive! On this website ( News ) you can find out which tango teachers I have invited, when and where they perform and teach. I organise the lessons and the venue for you. I accompany the lessons and am available for translations if necessary.

I am not a teacher and will not instruct anyone, but the professional input comes exclusively from the experienced tango professionals who are carefully selected for their expertise (dance training, teaching degree, experience, awards).

Who I am…

…I was employed by Lufthansa, german airline group, for 31 years. Most recently I flew around the world as a long-haul purser/chief stewardess. In January 2022, I took early retirement and was then looking for new tasks. Before joining Lufthansa, I danced ballroom dancing Standard/Latin and formation dancing Latin for many years. My job often took me to Latin American countries. Salsa dancing has also often drawn me to Cuba. My motto: when the body dances, the soul laughs. Dancing makes you happy!
Then a new journey and experience began for me.
I discovered my passion for tango in 2018. At that time, I diligently studied basic steps and dance posture in many classes. I danced in the classes with different dance partners, however, I lacked the ability and courage to attend milongas.
In 2022, I decided to take part in a tango dance trip organised by the Academia de Tango and flew to Buenos Aires. There I got to know the tango culture with all its facets.

At the end of the trip, I found it hard to say goodbye to this authentic tango scene and wondered how I could continue this feeling and passion in Germany. I contacted my teachers in Buenos Aires and, together with the Academia de Tango dance school, invited them to Germany for guest classes. In an inimitable way, different teachers taught their techniques and through the embrace, the connection with the partner and the music, the feeling for the dance. Quickly the idea was born to start my own business with this idea and I founded Tango Events Germany.

My special thanks go to Fabiana Jarma, who has always supported me with the Academia de Tango. Without her, I would not have been able to realise my project.